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Who are the Women at the Well?

Our calendars are full. Our lives are busy. I get it. I work full-time and do grad school part-time. I serve at the local church, and I know it can seem daunting to add one more thing. Satan whispers, "Why bother?" and at times, I tempted to take the bait. But God. God comes again and again, and each time the rescue is so good.

What Jesus has asked me to offer women is a time and place to pause, and gather to learn and worship at His feet. Instead of adding one more thing, I'm inviting women of all ages to subtract something they can say no to for one evening a month, and create more space for Jesus in our lives. Sunday morning church is good, don't get me wrong. But Sunday church is a gathering of men and women, and our time there can pulled in different directions, and our connections can be brief. I get to connect with Jesus through singing and listening to the sermon, but only if I'm not serving somewhere else, which I often am.

I believe there are many women who may not realize it, but they need the gift of time and margin in their life to simply worship Jesus, and to hear a message that is specific to women. Not through serving or doing, but through receiving his presence and being with him. To come to the well of his Spirit and receive, with nothing being asked of you in return, other than your affection and attention on Jesus. Nothing to clean, nothing to prep, no one to watch, just for one night.

Who is Women at the Well for? It's for the many, and the few.

The many women who want to devote a couple hours to being with Jesus, but the few who are willing to start a journey into the depths of their heart and identity. We will be walking into the message of the identity of the feminine heart and who we are in our inner life, created in God's image. We will be spending time, real time, worshipping Jesus with song and quiet meditation. We will be open to the message God has for each of us, each time we gather.

I see you, woman. I see you who need this time and this message, but you may not even know it:
  • The woman who serves at church week after week, but alone in front of the mirror, she hates her body and holds shame so close, it's her near-constant companion.

  • The woman who is so caught in being mom, she has lost a sense of who she is. She loves her children, but there's a growing resentment toward her family that she is scared to admit.

  • The woman who has been lonely for so long, and wonders if anyone notices her.

  • The woman who loves Jesus and earnestly desires a close walk with him. She wants more time with him, but life often prevents extended quiet time or solitude to connect with Him.

  • The woman who is curious about Jesus, but she wonders if all this is really real.

  • The woman who is a roller coaster of emotions, and wonders why. She wonders if she'll ever have it all together, and why God isn't helping her like she thought he would.

  • The woman caught up in depression and anxiety, lost in her thoughts constantly. She doesn't have the motivation to try to do anything, much less serve God.

  • The woman who has finally found a small group with her church after years of disconnection. She's just hungry for more time with Jesus and more opportunities to connect with like-minded women. Her small group is good, but they just don't go into some of the deepest questions of her heart as a woman.

  • The young woman, needing solid direction for her life.

  • The old woman, wondering what her next portion of learning from God could look like.

  • The single woman, ready for more of God.

  • The married woman, ready for more of God.

  • The introvert, hoping she can find just a few to connect with, but is worried it will all be too much.

  • The extrovert, ready for deeper connections with others and a space to slow down for a bit.

  • The introverted-extrovert, who wants to show up without feeling the pressure to turn on the charm, only to leave exhausted and depleted. She wants to really connect with others and God, but finds it difficult.

The invitation is to simply come. There's no set up, no activity schedule, no craft. There's no dinner, because I don't want anyone adding service to their lives with this. There aren't even round tables for discussion, this time is between you and Jesus. I'm hopeful that organic connections with other women will be the fruit of our time together, but this time is sacred. It will be a time of learning through video teaching from the Wild at Heart women's teaching team, and a time of worship through several songs. You will have time to journal, to breathe deeply, to sing, or to do whatever helps you connect with Jesus.

Women at the Well

February 11th, 2023



1408 W. State St. Boise, ID

We all can be the women at the well. We can come honestly and earnestly to spend time with Jesus. We can be replenished and rejuvenated from His presence to leave from this place reconnected with Him. Ready to return to our busy lives, our serving lives, our constantly-giving lives, not in our own strength but in his strength. I hope to see you there.

Live Loved,


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